Haunted House

BLUDGEON HOUSE REVAMPED FOR 2020! Psychologically designed to shock your senses, test your limits, and bring out your deepest fears! Based on the legend of the murderous Bludgeon Family:

THE LEGEND – The Bludgeon Family is a murderous, twisted, inbred, backwoods family that has been plaguing Loudon County for decades. They may be responsible for hundreds of missing, tortured, and murdered victims. Several of the Bludgeon family members have been arrested over the years, but none were ever convicted. Unfortunately, no witnesses survived to testify against any of the family members. Some witnesses simply disappeared, others died around mysterious circumstances.

The few people that still remember, say the family was very secluded; doing everything for themselves at the farm. Raising their own crops, slaughtering their own meat, and even performing medical and dental procedures on each other. That is until they fell onto hard times. Witnesses reported that they were using black magic to experiment on the crops, the poor farmhands, and the surrounding neighbors.

They created unnatural abominations in their attempt to make the farm more profitable. Being unsuccessful in the end, the farm was foreclosed on by authorities. What the police found was a gruesome scene of human corpses and some disturbing, unspeakable creatures.

Haunted Corn Maze

CLOWNS OF THE CORN New for 2020! Located next to the railroad, a circus train has derailed next to our corn maze and released a group of wild and crazed, chainsaw-wielding clowns into our corn! Can you make it through the path before they find you?

Virtual Reality

FACE YOUR FEARS A Virtual Reality Experience! Choose from 4 different scenarios as you face your fears of killer clowns, heights, demonic children, or ghosts.

2 Person Coffin Simulator

BURIED ALIVE Lay down in our coffin alone or with a friend. You choose from 2 scenarios: “The Last Ride” -OR- “Escape from Vlad’s Castle“! Lay still as we close the lid. In the pitch black, HEAR the sounds and FEEL the movements. SMELL the roses, dirt, and decay. Can you handle being buried alive?

3 Mini Horror Escape Rooms

Test yourself and your friends in our 5-min mini escape rooms for groups of 4-6 guests. Choose any of our 3 escape rooms to challenge your witts. Can your group work together to figure out the puzzles and get the door unlocked before the sinister conclusion?


*Our escape rooms are horror based but non-scare, meaning no scare characters involved, perfect for those too scared to experience the haunted house or haunted corn maze.



This haunt uses fog, strobe lighting, intense audio, extreme low visibility, damp or wet conditions, special effects, sudden actions, and moving parts. Entering Dead Man’s Farm entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury. Risks may include, among other things, slipping, falling, collision with fixed objects or participants, bruises, sprains, twists, breaks, or seizures. Click to view the full warning page.